iDiagnose is created by a board-certified physician for use by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical students. The app is peer-reviewed by board-certified physicians. This simple yet sleek app provides access to easy-to-use clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, diagnostic criteria, classifications and more.

iDiagnose is a unique medical application which allows users to confidently diagnose commonly encountered infectious diseases (ID) conditions. Evidence based medicine is the use of mathematical estimates of the risk of benefit and harm to inform clinical decision-making in the diagnosis, investigation or management of individual patients. Using evidence-based medicine principles, derived from high-quality research on population samples, iDiagnose attempts to aid physicians in the difficult task of providing the most accurate evidence-based diagnosis through the use of pre and post-test probabilities and likelihood ratios.

iDiagnose is a simple to use medical app that provides a list of diagnoses or conditions from which users may select. Once users are on the Condition screen they have the ability to adjust the pre-test probability by moving a slider based upon local prevalence. Otherwise, the pre-test probability supported by current literature is used. Users then tap on the applicable positive or negative likelihood ratio findings from their workup so that the post-test probability is automatically calculated at the bottom of the app. Some conditions use diagnostic criteria or algorithms, based on published medical literature or published guidelines to either include or refuse diagnoses.

Data about pathophysiology, clinical features, examination maneuvers, microbiology, diagnostic testing, and treatment is available on the Additional Information screen with each condition from which users may view by selecting the Rx icon at the top of the app. The information contained within the app is well documented and contains references to source scientific peer-reviewed published papers.